Free Consultation

If you are looking for assistance in product sourcing from China like Souring is here with a free consultation service to help you. Like Sourcing is a product sourcing specialist offering streamlined Sourcing for everything from components to consumer products. By using our sourcing team and consulting service, you will have the opportunity to save money. We ensure you get high-quality products on every replenishment and constantly keep your review score high.

Free Consultation

These are free consultations we offer:

First, if the buyer gets quotations from us to source the product, we will provide these quotations in the next 24 to 72 hours completely FREE.

It is free for buyers to consult our experts to customize the design and layout of the product, as well as the labels, to better suit their needs, from Like Sourcing.

There is no cost involved whether they want to get freight information or if they want to research their products' patent and trademark status in China, the US, and Europe.

Schedule a conversation with us now to learn more about our offerings and speak with a specialist at NO COST.

What Like Sourcing do?

Improve Sourcing

By using like Sourcing, you can focus on your business, while like Sourcing will Source, Inspect and ship your products from China.


Our local representatives in china will negotiate favorable terms and pricing on your behalf.

Grow Confidently

We will find cost-effective manufacturers and negotiate the best prices to improve your bottom line. Our goal is to assist ambitious business owners in realizing their visions.

Our product sourcing services facilitate the purchase of Chinese products by foreign companies. We employ a simple, quick, and highly dependable method to accomplish this. As a result of our skill and dedication, we have risen to the top.Our services in this area of product sourcing include the following:

Guaranteeing the best possible service at the most affordable prices

Being in charge of the manufacturing process

Facilitate the fast delivery of your products by managing the related logistics.

Creating unique products and customized packaging to suit your needs

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