Free Warehousing

Do you want to keep your supply chain moving smoothly and need a warehouse solution that is both scalable and versatile to keep your products safe? Then you are at the right place Sourcing offers a warehouse in china to boost inventory effectiveness. When you source your product from other companies, they charge you for warehousing to keep it until shipment. It is not the case when you source your product from Sourcing.

We are providing FREE warehouse service that comes with Product Sourcing. We will provide you with a warehouse in china for free for two months. When your product shipment completes, we will label your products and ship them to you. This way, we will help you save money on shipping because you don't have to pay factory owners for warehousing.

Free Warehousing

Warehouse processes

Most Sectors, especially E-commerce, need warehouse space to store inventory and send products as needed. To buy anything physical, they need a physical facility to hold inventories. The warehousing depends on the extent of the warehouse's operations, the type of warehouse and storage, the items' storage temperatures, and any legal regulations.

Receiving When making your products in quantity from different factories, we provide a warehousing solution that includes receiving. So you can easily ask all suppliers to send your inventory to a centralized location (Our Warehouse), and we will inspect the products and packaging for any faults. After inspection, products are stored.

Storage space

This step will transfer products from the receiving area to the storage area. All your orders are placed in one area, and once complete, we can prep them for shipping. The process is complete once we check in the products and log the products into their designated slots.

Packing and labeling

We will Pack and label all the products in an order together and prepare them ready for shipment to you. We can make pallets as well if requested; weighing the packed order, printing the proper labels, and deciding on the best Freight service are all steps before we ship the product to you.


Shipping is the final stage in getting things to buyers. We'll pack and dispatch your stuff efficiently. Like Sourcing provides FREE warehouse storage for its customers with storage issues in China so that you plan your supply chain in a better manner.

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