Freight Forwarding

Like Sourcing, Freight forwarding helps e-commerce companies import goods from china in different ways. LIKE Sourcing is responsible for finding our clients' most cost-effective shipping options by negotiating with various shipping companies that provide ocean, train, and air freight. We offer the ideal routes for transporting goods that balance our client's and their products' efficiency, affordability, and dependability.

Our cost estimates for freight forwarding services are included in the fees for product sourcing. We are responsible for our trustworthy onboard freight forwarders on our portal.

Freight Forwarding

For a single fee, you will have access to dependable shipping firms on board, such as Sourcing, who will provide you with a highly competitive quote and individualized shipping routes based on your specific requirements.

We work on all incoterms DDP, DDU, and CIF delivery services Our Portal ensures the safety of your freight and delivers it on schedule. 
Types of freight forwarding services like sourcing provide;

Train Freight

Sea Freight

Air Freight

LIKE Sourcing Freight Forwarders

OTHER freight Forwarders

How does the freight forwarding process work?

The client provides all the data to get a quotation for a specific product, complete with details such as product, quantity, carton dimensions, goal "freight ready date," and other criteria that will aid Like Sourcing in organizing production and shipment.

After manufacturing is complete and the products are ready to ship, we will do an Inventory inspection. If it passes, we record the shipment in the system and take the Client's Consent to provide them with a freight quotation.

We will do all necessary documentation, including commercial invoices for customs clearance in China and any additional paperwork requested by the destination country.

We work closely with the Manufacturer in China to offer shipments to air and ocean carriers, coordinate collection, and answer any export-related questions.

Upon arrival, the shipment is unloaded, inspected, and verified against the booking paperwork. The officials also confirm the cargo's customs papers.

We coordinate with the appropriate sea or air terminal to pick up the shipment. Transportation via truck may be necessary to transport the item to the address specified by the online retailer. We can even take care of labeling and other preparation.

Note: Sourcing will arrange freight forwarding service for you for free, but you will be responsible for paying for the shipment or freight, and we will charge you for any applicable customs fees.

Why use Like Sourcing freight forwarding?

You can trust Like Sourcing Freight Forwarding that your shipment will arrive safely and quickly. We plan the most efficient route and negotiate the lowest possible rate for our clients based on the number of products shipped via sea liners, train freight, or air delivery flights.

Working with us allows you to avoid the hassle of organizing logistics alone, including the paperwork required by your destination country. Our team of experts is good at finding creative solutions to ensure on-time deliveries. They can claim insurance and work out affordable payment terms when necessary.

You can get a high rate when you book your freight online compared to Like Sourcing, as we have a presence in China and can negotiate with freight companies to get you the Local rates. They can provide you with slow shipping in the name of fast shipping, which is wrong, and can link you with freight that damage and mishandle your products. If you choose our portal freight forwarder, you don’t have to deal with these issues.​

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