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Shipping goods from China to Amazon warehouses are common now a day. You know Ship from china is a more reliable and efficient way to create your successful business on amazon. But most of you do not know how to Ship from China to Amazon Warehouses. Meanwhile, if you are here, you do not need to worry; we are here to guide you on how to do it.

 So whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or an established business looking to take your business global, this guide has everything you need to get started.

How to Ship from China to Amazon Warehouses?

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouses can be daunting, but with the right preparation and planning here are some tips on how to ship from China to Amazon warehouses:

  1. Prepare your shipment for shipping. Ensure all products are packed properly, and the items are in good condition. Avoid packing fragile items in large boxes or packaging materials that could damage them during transport.
  2. Find a shipping company specializing in moving goods between China and the United States. Many shipping companies are available online, so research before choosing one. Make sure the shipping company you choose has experience moving goods between China and the United States and is licensed and insured by both governments.
  3. Contact Amazon warehouse personnel ahead of time to let them know you plan to ship products from China to their warehouses. This will help ensure that you have the necessary permits and approvals required by Amazon warehouse personnel.
  4. Obtain an export declaration from the Chinese government if your products contain materials that may require an export license or permit from the Chinese government (examples include precious metals, rare earth, and other sensitive materials). The export declaration should list all the products being shipped and their specific contents and weight.
  5. Contact Amazon warehouse personnel again once you have obtained your export declaration and any necessary permits or licenses from the Chinese government. They will need to determine.

Do we need to ship directly or through the company? What is appropriate?

There are some restrictions on what items you can ship through FBA (see below), so make sure that everything you plan to send complies with those rules. You are prepared for higher shipping costs than if you used a shipment company.

You should be ready to go through a few hoops (and potentially deal with delays) when doing this route yourself. Also, shipping companies charge different rates based on the item’s weight and the distance it has to travel. So be sure to calculate your costs carefully before making a decision.

Meanwhile, If your item requires special processing or handling before it arrives at Amazon’s warehouses, then using a shipment company may be the best option for you. A shipment company can handle all of the necessary customs and importation paperwork and provide packing and shipping services. This can shave weeks off your overall processing time and even lower the cost per unit shipped.

Ultimate Guide

If you’re considering shipping products from China to Amazon, here’s a step-by-step guide;

Choose the Right Shipping Method

When you choose the product which you want to ship from china, go for the right shipping methods; there are several different shipping methods that you can choose when shipping products from China to Amazon.

Depending on the product and the shipping method, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Some popular shipping methods include air cargo, ocean freight, and express delivery.

 Air Cargo

 Air cargo is one of the most popular shipping methods from China to Amazon warehouses. Air cargo is the fastest and most reliable way to send large items overseas, but it can also be expensive. Typically, air cargo costs between $5 and $8 per item to send from China to an Amazon warehouse. However, there are sometimes discounts available for larger shipments.

 Ocean Freight

 Another popular shipping method for goods from China is ocean freight. Ocean freight is slower than air cargo, but it’s less expensive and doesn’t require any special preparations or customs clearance beforehand. Ocean freight costs between $10 and $25 per item to send from China to an Amazon warehouse. However, there are sometimes discounts available for larger shipments.

Train Freight

Express delivery may be the best option if you need your items delivered quickly and without any extra complications. Train Freight costs between $15 and $30 per item to send from China to an Amazon. However, this service typically doesn’t offer any discounts or special offers.

Contact a China-Based Freight Forwarder

If you’re looking to ship goods from China to Amazon, there are numerous freight forwarders you can contact. Consider these;

  1. Consult the freight forwarding companies’ websites to determine their shipping rates and policies.
  2. Contact the freight forwarding companies directly to ask about their shipping services and rates.
  3. Compare the freight forwarding companies’ shipping rates and policies before selecting a supplier.
  4. Make arrangements for payment and delivery of your goods.

Run a Quality Inspection on Your Goods

Quality inspection is the most important step in ensuring a successful shipment from China to Amazon. You can ensure that your goods meet Amazon’s high standards and avoid potential problems during delivery by performing a quality inspection.

There are several ways to perform a quality inspection on your goods. You can use visual inspections, such as checking for damage or irregularities, or audio/video inspections, which can detect broken parts or incorrect assembly. Additionally, you can use specific quality control tools to test various aspects of your products, such as odor, color, and taste.

By performing a quality inspection on your goods before shipping them to Amazon, you can minimize the chances of having any problems during delivery. Follow all the necessary steps to ensure a successful shipment from China to Amazon!

When you have a shipping company doing this for you, this will be way easier for you. Companies like Sourcing will inspect the product and ensure the quality and standard of the product according to amazon requirements.

Package and Label Goods

When shipping goods from China to Amazon, package and label goods correctly for customs purposes. Use the correct classification codes for the products you are shipping, and ensure the correct tariffs have been applied.

When shipping goods from China to Amazon, package and label them correctly for customs purposes. Make sure the product is correctly classified according to the Harmonized System (HS) code, which Customs use worldwide. You must also pay attention to any applicable tariffs that you may have applied to the items.

Container Loading Check Inspection

A Container Loading Check (CLC) is an inspection that Amazon conducts on all incoming containers from China. This inspection is designed to ensure that the contents of the container are safe and comply with our shipping standards.

Container loading check inspections are important for shipping from China to Amazon. If your items don’t pass a container loading check, your shipment may be delayed or rejected.

To ensure your items arrive in good condition and meet Amazon’s shipping standards, it’s important to get a container loading check inspection.

How is it important?

If your items don’t pass a CLC, your shipment may be delayed or rejected. In some cases, we may even refuse to accept your shipment altogether. It is especially important to send high-value items or products with specific safety requirements.

Before submitting your shipment for a CLC, it’s important to submit accurate information about the contents of the container and request any required permits or licenses. You should also ensure that the contents of the container are safe and comply with our shipping standards. Finally, get documentation confirming that you completed the CLC.

Always Get Freight Insurance when Shipping to Amazon FBA

Freight Insurance is important when shipping from China due to the potential for lost or damaged goods.

Freight insurance can cover your losses if something goes wrong with your shipment while it’s in transit. This includes damaged or lost shipments, theft, and even weather-related accidents.

Make sure you choose a policy that covers the type of cargo you’re shipping and the value of the products being shipped. You also want to ensure the policy has adequate coverage for your needs.

Always have copies of your original packing list, invoice(s), and carrier’s manifest when filling out an insurance claim. These documents will help identify what was shipped and where it went.

Shipping Documents in Order

Shipping from China to Amazon can be a complex and confusing process. You may want to contact a customs broker to make the process easier. A customs broker will help you get your shipping documents in order and ensure that all the requisite paperwork is completed.

Track Your Shipment

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouses can be time-consuming and cumbersome. To make the process, easier,amazon shipping tools.com offers a variety of shipping tools and resources to help you track your shipment.

The shipping tracker offered by amazon shipping tools.com lets you track your shipment as it makes its way from China to an Amazon. This online tool provides real-time information on your shipment’s location, status, and estimated delivery time. You can also view detailed information on your package’s contents, such as weight and dimensions.

If you’re using an Amazon FBA carrier like DHL or UPS, the shipping tracker can also help you track the progress of your shipment. The tool will notify you when your package has been delivered to the Amazon warehouse and when it is expected to ship out again.

What are the Factors that Affect Shipping from China to Amazon FBA?

A few key factors will affect shipping from China to Amazon. The most important factor is the weight of the package and its size. Larger packages will typically ship faster than smaller packages, and heavier packages will ship faster than those with lighter weights.

Another important factor is the country of origin. Countries with a strong customs and shipping services network can ship products more quickly to Amazon warehouses than countries without these services.

Depending on the goods and shipment location, shipping from China to an Amazon may be pricey. Shipping from China to the United States East Coast costs between $25 and $30, while shipping to Western Europe costs between $50 and $60.

The thing to consider for sure is;

When you are shipping from China to Amazon, there are a few things that you should be careful of.

  1. Make sure the products you are shipping meet Amazon’s requirements.
  2. Verify the authenticity of your products before shipping.
  3. Ensure you have accurate and up-to-date weight and dimensions information for each product in your shipment.
  4. Beware of fake products being shipped to Amazon warehouses. Check the barcode and make sure it is valid before shipping.
  5. Use a reputable freight forwarder to ensure a safe and timely shipment to your Amazon warehouse.


How much does it cost to ship from China to Amazon FBA?

Depending on the goods and shipment location, shipping from China to an Amazon warehouse may be pricey.  Import taxes and fees may also be incurred when sending packages from China to Amazon warehouses abroad.

But it depends on the company by which you are shipping the product, such as LIKE SOURCING, which gives you very affordable prices with the quality of the product and many more.

How long does it take for Amazon to ship from China?

It’s really on your shipping method and where the product will ship from china. If it’s by air, it will take a short period of 1 o 2 days. But if it’s by train and sea, it will take weakness or more.

Another factor is changes in holidays because when holidays come in between the shipping, it will automatically be delayed. 

How to Package Your Goods for Amazon FBA?

When shipping your goods to Amazon FBA, ensure they’re packaged properly. Here’s a guide;

  1. Use appropriate packing materials for the items you’re shipping. For delicate items, use packaging that doesn’t damage the item.
  2. Make sure the items are packed securely in boxes and containers. Use packing peanuts, tissue paper, and bubble wrap to protect the items from shifting during transport.
  3. Use official Amazon FBA packaging if possible. It will help ensure your goods arrive at their destination in good condition.
  4. Label the boxes and containers with the product name, supplier information, and the box’s barcode or UPC. It will make it easier for Amazon FBA to process your order.
How to Label Your Goods for Amazon FBA?
  1. Create a category for your products
  2. Add the product names to the corresponding category
  3. Create a brand for your products
  4. Enter the UPC of each product
  5. Add Amazon FBA keywords to your titles and descriptions
  6. Submit your product listings to Amazon FBA
How do you save money while shipping from china to Amazon FBA?

You can use key strategies to save money shipping from China to Amazon warehouses.

You should investigate the shipping methods available to you and choose the one that best meets your needs. And be sure to pack your products securely and avoid overpacking them. You should use tracking and delivery confirmation services to keep tabs on your shipments throughout their journey.

There are a variety of options available. You can choose either air or sea shipment. Air shipment is generally quicker but more expensive than sea shipment. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your product and your budget is important.

If you have small or light products that don’t require a lot of packaging, you can usually ship them using USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground Shipping. These services are relatively cheap and easy to use, but they may not be fast enough for products that need to reach Amazon warehouses quickly.

If you have heavier or more complex items that need special packaging, you may consider using FedEx or DHL delivery services instead. These companies typically charge more than USPS or UPS but offer faster delivery times thanks to their larger network of warehouses.

How do you find a reputable Freight Forwarder in China?

Finding a reputable freight forwarder in China can be a daunting task. The market is complex and full of fly-by-night operators. To reduce the chances of getting scammed, follow these tips:

  1. Do your research

Before you sign up with a freight forwarder:

  • Read reviews and compare prices.
  • Ask questions about their services and what they can do for you.

Choose a reputable company

Choose a freight forwarding company that has a good reputation in the industry. Look for companies with extensive experience shipping goods to China and good customer reviews.

Request References

Ask your friends, family members, and other businesses who have shipped goods to China if they could recommend a suitable freight forwarder. Also, request references from the freight forwarding company you are considering signing up with. If the company is reputable, they should be happy to provide references

Sites like Insights Asia offer comprehensive profiles of Chinese shipping companies, so it’s worth checking them out before deciding which firm to work with.

What shipping documents do I need to ship to Amazon FBA?

There are a few shipping documents you’ll need to ship items to Amazon warehouses. Most notably, you’ll need a China Customs Declaration form, which you can find on the Chinese government’s website. You’ll also need an export license if your items are destined for sale in other countries.

You may need an American Export Administration Act (AEAA) certification if your products contain materials controlled under United States export laws.

Do things Impact Shipping to Amazon FBA after Coronavirus?

In the past, many companies have relied on air freight to ship goods to Amazon, but this is no longer an option since the coronavirus can spread through airborne particles. As a result, many businesses are now shipping goods to Amazon via sea freight.

Corona affects the prices of goods due to a lot of market lose companies increased the prices.


Here you get your guide to Ship from China to Amazon Warehouses. In the end, we can say that you can get our company, LIKE SOURCING, a quote to ship the product. We gave you complete guidance and inspection in the whole process and 2 moths FREE warehouse to store your products before shipping. Good luck!

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