Product Customization

Like Sourcing is here if you have a great concept and want to update the design of your product or to include a new advanced feature. You can consult with Like Sourcing on a drawing board and have the product design modified according to your requirements.

To build your product line, we create models based on product design. Similarly, if you have any suggestions for product packaging, we can assist you with Redesigning packaging your goods in the manner that you desire. It's also an excellent method of selling items that buyers will eagerly seek after.

We've got your back if you're selling pre-packaged sets or custom items in every possible configuration.

Product Customization

Pros of Product Customization 

Meet the needs of your customers.

The rising demand for personalized goods is evidence of the satisfaction it brings to shoppers. When deciding between similar products or services, shoppers appreciate the chance to make their purchases unique.

Boost profits in the market

When deciding between businesses, customers often base their decisions on the availability of customizable features they want. Price increases are possible with personalized items.

Engage customers

When buyers are given more control over their purchase through customization or a la carte options, they may feel more invested in the final product. The more involved a customer is, the more loyal they'll be to your brand.

Build brand loyalty

Product customization and user input have been shown to boost customer satisfaction, which in turn has been shown to increase brand loyalty. Customers loyal to a brand for life are precious to a business since they will likely buy again and spread the news to their social networks.

Gain market research

You can better gauge customers' likes, dislikes, and overall impressions by purchasing a product rather than a stock standard. Information gleaned from a customer's profile can be applied to future advertising campaigns.

How to Customize Your Products?

You have fantastic product customization ideas. Wonderful! We’ll help. We love bringing store owners’ designs to life and helping them reach their goals. How do you transform your designs into high-selling excellent products? It is Simple with Like Sourcing.

Guard your intellectual property

When you design a private label product from scratch with the help of Like Sourcing we ensure a Agreement with supplier that Your Product Mould will not be used to make product for any other seller and we also provide consultations on hoe to secure your design patent in all Countries so your New intellectual property is secure and sound from any Attacks and you sell stress free.


It is an often-overlooked phase in the product modification process. You desire to make sure your product appears perfect before selling it. Returns and bad image placement quality are avoided. Like Sourcing will provide you with a sample of your product before customizing it. Ensuring your product passes the eye test can help your clients get what you want them to.

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