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We are a sourcing company specialising in sourcing of quality products on amazing prices and offer services like freight forwarding, quality inspection and product storage around the world.
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About Like Sourcing

At Like sourcing, we take pride in acting as your Eyes and ears in china, Sourcing your products from Large scale manufacturers on better rates and quality than you will find on B2b websites to doing top notch quality inspections of your inventory,  Providing you with reliable freight quotations and offering Inventory Storage solutions in China, USA and Europe, Product photography and legal guidance on Patents and Trademarks. We are a one stop solution at your service.


We understand that our people impact the success of our business, and we hire people who are smart.

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Customer Service

Our services enable our clients to fulfil their commitments and help them to achieve their goals.

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We offer a 24/7 support on Email and our WhatsApp


We equip our sourcing managers with latest technologies and strategies to ensure fruitful sourcing for our clients.


Our Sourcing Company

We help you to Grow Your Business!

If you are determined to grow your Online business, Like is here to help you out throughout the process. From automating your marketing tasks to learning more strategies, you will always find us the most helpful.

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What We Do

At Like , we handle various tasks, including product sourcing, customizing, packaging, follow-ups with suppliers during production, inventory inspection, and freight forwarding — all of which make your business super smooth.

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Who We Help

Like Sourcing helps everyone from individual customers to large-scale brands under the same umbrella. To be precise, we specifically help eCommerce sellers and Brick n Mortar Retail Brands.

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Why Choose Us

Like Sourcing is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. You get all services ranging from finding a reliable supplier to product inspection the products and then shipping it at Nexus.

We Deliver on Time
Best Sourcing Company in China!

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