Product Sourcing

Sourcing is a reliable platform for product sourcing from China with a B2B strategy. We Source goods of your Choice at Fair prices for business owners who want quality products.

Like Sourcing, A product sourcing company can provide several services to help you source the needed products. Our team will help you find a supplier, negotiate prices, and handle all the logistics of getting the products to you.

Product Sourcing

Hierarchy of like Sourcing in product sourcing

As soon as you submit your product sourcing requirements, we will provide you free quotes within 48 to 72 hours, ranging from two to three business stages.
If you find the Quotes competitive, We will arrange samples from two to three suppliers and evaluate the samples for you. We can send samples to you via shipping or share their evaluation results with you via images and videos. You can place an order after sampling.
At each stage of the production process, we will ensure quality and lead time are not compromised and provide you with evidence of product production through images and videos.
After production, we will conduct a general quality Inspection of your inventory, and we will share a detailed report with the customer before arranging Logistics.
We also offer the facility of product/ packaging customization to improve a product design according to your needs. So Like, Sourcing handles everything from Brainstorming, designing language, and branding to packaging
We offer White background photography to our eCommerce sellers in case needed, and that too included as free in the single fee you pay us; not to Forget that you have access to our free warehouse for two months just in china as well.
Payment terms are 30% upfront when you pass the samples so that we can start production and 70% when production is finished and you are satisfied with the inventory inspection results.
Our offices are in the USA, Dubai, Germany, and China, so you don't have to worry about the mode of payment.

Methodologies like Sourcing offers


Like Sourcing, have a team of product sourcing agents in China to search and evaluate potential vendors, gather product samples, Face to face negotiate prices, oversee production, network with locals, and handle problems as they arise.Our team is fluent in English and familiar with local business norms and international trade practices. They are experienced and skilled sourcing experts who can offer you multiple solutions to save money and keep that business of your Profitable.


Like Sourcing business-to-business (B2B), the sourcing website facilitates communication between businesses and our agent in china. We do everything on your behalf, like freight forwarding, and we also provide a warehouse for two months. So you don't have to worry about things and get your product sourced at your demands.

Addons with Product Sourcing

The facility of two-month free warehousing.

Freight forwarding at very competitive rates.

Private labeling solutions.

Your products inspections.

15 Patented Idea

Trademark and patent Information.

Product customization.

Products Sourcing Company

Pros of Product sourcing with like souring

 • Working with like Sourcing has many benefits.
• Like Sourcing charging less than half of other competitor sites.
• You can quickly locate what you're looking for at the best prices.
• Like Sourcing provides complete A to Z product sourcing services so you can focus on sales.
• Like Sourcing handles storage, packing, and transport. That removes technological or logistical obstacles to expanding your firm.
• We are providing a facility of the warehouse also for customers.
• You don't have to store, pack, and deliver any products like Sourcing is an excellent option for those who want to work remotely.

As a product sourcing company, Like Sourcing is offering several advantages over other companies that provide similar services. We have experienced professionals that can identify the best possible suppliers for each product and negotiate the most favorable terms with these suppliers. In most cases, your price is better than what is offered ONLINE.

Our sourcing team in china sources your products from the best possible factories at competitive prices. Many people adore Like Sourcing because of the high-quality goods.

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