Products We Help You Import From China

We have a team of experienced and energetic sourcing agents, engineers, designers, quality control veterans, and industry experts dedicated to helping build and scale innovative consumer products.

Like Sourcing has worked with 300+ startups to design, engineer, and manufacture products.

Products Import from China

Consumer Products Sourcing

As the leading China sourcing company, we help clients source over 100 different kinds of products every day. We not only help you get competitive prices but also get more new product recommendations from factories.

Most agents in our company can help you source consumer products, like household, garden, toys, outdoor, apparel, stationery, electronics, hardware, etc.

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New Product Development

People always dream of developing new products, but it’s hard to make product ideas massively produced. You don’t need any experience because we support you from beginning to end. We helped a lot of Kickstarter achieve their dreams.

Products Import from china. We Have over 6 Years Experience

Aside from sourcing a wide range of consumer products, we also have more specialized product categories. Our agents have over 6 years of related experience in these categories and have supported world-famous brands.

They have good factory resources, have supported a lot of famous brands, and are ready to offer the best supply chain for your business.

Socks Import from china

Socks Manufacturing

It is not easy to pick out reliable sock factories with competitive prices and good quality among tens of thousands of Factories in China. Factories vary in scale and quality, so you need us to support and help you source in China.

Lingerie body suit collection bra and panties

Underwear Manufacturing

Since 2016, we have been sourcing and customizing different styles of bras and underwear for customers from various countries. Our strong point is to help you source seamless bras, lingerie, and panties of different kinds.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is a product category with high market demand and high profit. 90% of the jewelry factories are in China. We have an agent responsible for serving large and small customers in the jewelry business for over 8 years.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Clean up without the chemicals with this Microfiber Cleaning Cloth from Prestone. This unique towel is ultra-absorbent, quick drying, and works wonders on dirt and grime. The Microfiber Cleaning cloth is also machine washable for easy maintenance.

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